Circle of friends

Help refugees but how?

In summer 2014 Nehren was searched by the municipal administration repeatedly in the press housing for refugees in the town. Various houses and apartments were also found and reported to the competent District Office.

Because we knew that sooner or later, and refugees in our village would come, we started to think about how we all with this new challenge can cope.

In the first meeting a strong interest and commitment were welcome to hot and to support them where possible the refugees in the village.

But how should this be done? Where do people come from actually? Where will they stay? What language do they speak? What do, hence the people are doing with concern about refugees?

First many questions and little safe answers. Quickly was brought to paper, who would take care of what. Of other places where there are already refugees, current and practical experience has been gained.

We received information readily not only by the local administration, but also by competent professionals in the District Office.

Today, we know more:
Today, even a few refugees in the village have arrived. And we know that more people will come to Nehren and ask for asylum.

Meanwhile, the supporters have in the "circle of friends asylum" together found. It meets regularly at the 3. Wednesday of each month at the Bürgerhaus (bakery), Polapo Street 2 in Nehren at 19:30.

You don't want to do?
The tasks have only begun. You are invited to this meeting very friendly.

Her circle of friends asylum in Nehren.