In Nehren

In the vicinity

Public closet Mössingen

Diakonia Mössingen
Zollernbahn 6
72116 Mössingen

Here, well-preserved dresses can be made and "bought" for a small fee.
Refugees receive free existing clothes. Previously up but with Mrs. C. Schmidt, Tel.: 07473 95 15 15 in connection set. Opening hours: Di 9:30 – noon, Thu 14-17 h

District Office Tübingen

Quite helpful in the day-to-day work of refugee:,, lde/together + active + for + Fluechtlinge_.html


Volunteering for refugees

Good and extensive Web site. Here you can get even and others Information in Arabic language with regard to work permits, as well as addresses of other initiatives in the region


Facts and arguments to the debate on refugees in Germany and Europe

Klare Antworten auf aktuelle Fragen und falsche Behauptungen:

Refugees welcome, accompany and participate in

A toolkit for communities or People who want to touch: üchtlinge.PDF

Portal page of labor and helper districts asylum in Baden-Württemberg

Of to the supra-regional networking: