Help refugees but how? Of course we want to help – in particular refugees. But how does one 'correct' and at best will, not everyone can do about this.

Some in our place even once were refugees and foreigners in the village. You can still really appreciate what it means to be expelled from the home. But most people have never experienced his refugee, but know the fates of this type from the media.

The District Administration Office and the local Government provide accommodation in Nehren. But what comes next? Where there is human attention? What happens to the children? Should they in the kindergarten or school. And if, how? Where there is a doctor, and how can you communicate? Where can you learn German?

Here we tackle and want to support the people in Nehren.


Our community is well equipped

The municipality has five houses in the village or Apartments bought or hired.

There is no collective accommodation in Nehren.